I grew up reading James Herriot and Gerald Durrell’s books. It may or may not be surprising that I also grew up loving animals, and thinking like they did. If you don’t laugh at animals, you will spend a surprisingly great amount of time crying instead.

Gradually, the idea of becoming a vet settled in my head, as lovingly and clingingly as cat fur on your favourite black t-shirt.

I have four months left to graduate, and a lifetime to be ignorant about “Every Living Thing”. But as Durrell had once said- I quite liked being ignorant, I was so much more surprised at new information. You see, if you know when the dog is going to bite you, you really don’t feel like petting them. But since I’m not the smartest of the vet students, I want to pet every single animal I see.

I very strongly believe in cuddling kittens and calves with the same ferocity, so as to instill a lifelong fear of suffocation in them. I mean, why should only I be claustrophobic?

All Things Bright and Beautiful, 
All Creatures Great and Small,
All Things Wise and Wonderful,
The Lord God Made Them All.
-Cecil Frances Alexander.